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A good artist is one who knows how to tell a story through his art. And there are various ways to tell a story. Which is your way? Upload your content (blog/photograph/video) and show the world that you are WorthItt!

Whats in for Everyone


  1. Seek free digital marketing – maximize your organic reach, as WorthITT act as a content aggregator & collaborator
  2. Create free shareable portfolio – no need to spend money on the individual sites.
  3. Get an opportunity to collaborate with prospects/artists/scouts.
  4. Opportunity to be part of in-house content creation team.
  5. Opportunity to participate in online/offline events
  6. Mentor peer artists by conducting regular AMAs or seek guidance from SMEs

Talent Scouts

  1. Hassle-free medium to browse through all the artists around the globe.
  2. Post opportunities at a common platform
  3. Ability to choose & select artists based on the customized requirement – Fuzzy matching technique
  4. Mentor artists by conducting regular AMAs.

Sponsors & Advertisers

  1. Targeted product advertisement with the like-minded consumers.
  2. Showcase digital ads across all formats
  3. Featured ads in content creation of in-house series/season.

WorthITT Talent Meets Technology

Is a “Digital Platform” which gives an opportunity for all the creative heads to embed their content (via YouTube or Vimeo or Dailymotion or any other alternative sources) – Cloud based portal (future state) - thus enabling FREE DIGITAL MARKETING to its own content across all its formats.

Is an “All in One” content GEO-INDEPENDENT & GENRE-INDEPENDENT portal – Portal to digitally create an artist’s profile to collaborate and engage amongst like-minded associates.

Social content aggregator and collaborator.

A powerful tool for all the artists to digitally create and share their portfolio – thus, reducing the overhead to manage their individual websites.

Provides a consolidated platform for scouts to post its requirement & evaluate the right artists for the required assignment.

Opportunity to participate in offline as well as online activities such as contests.

Opportunity to showcase one’s talent in live events & performances.

Opportunity to be part of our content creation team as preferred artists.


Simple steps to get onboarded

Create your profile, fill in your relevant details and start embedding your videos or link/create your own blogs.

  1. Create artist's profile

  2. Embed artist's video/blogs from other streaming/blog sources such as Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion or Wordpress, Medium or write a new blog.

  3. Save the record and it comes for moderation with an admin.

  4. Once approved, the video / blog gets published to the world.

  5. Enjoy FREE ready to utilize organic viewer / subscriber base through us.

  6. It is definitely WorthITT.