WorthITT Talent meets Technology

Is a “Digital Platform” which gives an opportunity for all the creative heads to link their content (via YouTube or Vimeo or Dailymotion or any other alternative sources) – It intends to include some high-end algorithms (predictive analytics) in order to develop a networking tree amongst associates, talent hunt and artists .

Is a “One Stop Point” for artists as well as talent scouts to collaborate and engage amongst like-minded associates.

A digital platform which assists in improving the organic reach/subscriber base of an artist's own channel - as we are see ourselves as an aggregator & distributor for any artistic work.

Opportunity to perform in live gigs, events or shows based on case to case basis (we act as a talent management pool/facilitators). We are into event and artist management as well, thus, providing an able platform for artists to showcase their work.

WorthITT has its own in-house content creation team as well with currently more than 21,000+ hrs of watch-time and growing, which will be having its own albums, web-series,short movies,plays,fusion music.

Whats in for everyone? For Artists & Talent Scouts or Event Managers ?

For Artists, Writers & Content Creators

  • Embed and showcase original content to the entire world
  • Leverage free digital marketing facility from our platform
  • Get an opportunity to collaborate and network with prospects/artists/peers/scouts
  • Opportunity to get assignments/crack deals
  • Opportunity to seek mentorship/ on board as a mentor
  • Opportunity for live performances to deserving artists
  • Only place to create a full-fledged consolidated shareable online portfolio for an artist – comprising of all major content aspects in terms of videos, photos and blogs – which can be used for referencing it to third – party agents (like casting directors, scouts)
  • Frequent opportunity to participate in contests (online/offline) and events – just ensuring decent remuneration

For Talent Scouts/Event Managers /Promotors/Event Planners

For Sponsors & Advertisers

  • Hassle-free medium to connect to all the artists around the globe
  • Showcase opportunities at a common platform (Watch the profile and evaluate for yourself)
  • Targeted product advertisement at low cost to the like-minded audience
  • In roads to the direct online sales


Simple steps to get onboarded

Create your profile ,  fill in your relevant details and start embedding your videos or link/create your own blogs.