We are a group of an IT professionals who have an immense inclination in the field of arts & culture.. may it be music , movies, theater , photography or standup-comedy.

We believe, getting an opportunity to showcase one's talent is pivotal for one's success.But , in today's busy world , seldom everyone gets an adequate opportunity to showcase their talent.

There is a quote by Milton Berle which states, if opportunity doesn't knock lets build a door.

We,as a group ,hence thought of building a platform for people who have a burning desire to excel in the field of arts , but haven't got a considerable opportunity. WORTHITT is a content management portal (aggregator) which gives an opportunity to all the creative heads to upload their content and share it with the entire world. WORTHITT is a platform for both - talented artists as well as the talent scouts/hunters.Talent scouts can use this portal to evaluate the true potential of an artist and give them a break-through. The platform could be used to display most of the forms - music, dance, photography, acting , speeches and standup comedy. The platform enables artists to create their profile , load their original videos and share it through our channel/website. WORTHITT will also have list of its own exclusive shows from the best of the hidden gems around the globe. Our aim is to make WORTHITT a single point stop for the talent scouts to evaluate/shortlist artists who haven't been getting adequate opportunities to showcase their true potential. We want to ensure each and every individual with an artistic touch , may it be from urban or rural , rich or poor , gets a true platform to reach the masses.

WE WANT TO ACT AS A CATALYST FOR AN ARTIST... So here is your chance, to come out of the cocoon and unleash your true potential, where like-minded people will value, appreciate and nurture your talent across the globe. We believe, we can contribute and help each other to make people reach their mark and evaluate oneís true market value. Here is your golden chance to get cracking. But here is our question to you, ARE YOU WORTH ITT? If yes, then Ö. just subscribe, like , share, create an account and start uploading. Please like,share and subscribe our channel as others needs to get an opportunity as well.