20 Must-See Short Films From India You Must Watch

Review by : WorthITT Team
Date: 09 Feb 20

When it comes to modes of entertainment in India, films, and movies always acquired the first spot. However, full-length feature films appear almost every week. Naturally, people wonder how short-films are so popular in the subcontinent. Well, there are several reasons behind the fame of short-films in India. They have original content, engaging plots, fresh faces, shorter durations, and cost a fraction of the budget to create. These features prove beneficial to the filmmakers as well as the viewers. WorthITT is a platform for rising artists in India. The operators, users, and event organizers associated with this platform recognize the talent behind the creation of these masterpieces. This topic features a list of a few famous short-films that deserve the attention of the audiences. So, if you love watching these stories, then you must try the following.

  1. Period. End of Sentence: Among all the Indian short films that came out, “Period. End of Sentence.” won the Oscar this year. It is one of the best short-films that deserve your attention. You probably know that menstruation is taboo in India, especially in rural areas. The award-winning director Rayka Zehtabchi chose to elucidate this issue through the film.
  2. Ahalya: Ahalya is one of the best short films because it features the iconic and legendary Bengali actor Soumitra Chatterjee. Radhika Apte is also an integral actor who never seems to disappoint her fans while playing unconventional roles.
  3. Old Monk: This short film is a tribute to those good old friends who help you during the harsh cold days of the winter months. Old Monk is a short film that is as antique as the product after which the director named the film. It takes you back to those days when you used to sit with friends and a bottle of rum.
  4. Plus Minus: The film depicts the pangs of a woman who is almost ready to ditch her marital home due to the tantrums of her mother-in-law. She rediscovers the meaning of love through a chance encounter with a 22-year-old soldier of the Indian Army.
  5. Ambani The Investor: Ambani The Investor toppled several short films & movies to become one of the best Hindi short films ever made. The story revolves around the boy who sells off his father’s liquor bottles to earn money. Then, he invests the funds in several small businesses to earn profits.
  6. Teaspoon: Another award-winning short film, Teaspoon’s story involves the predicament of a working woman who has to tend to her paralytic father-in-law. Her husband is a travel agent who is rarely home. The situation leaves the woman in a state of virtual tight spot.
  7. Bombay Mirror: This short film is a brilliant take on human nature’s unpredictability with a touch of fanaticism. It can easily secure a spot among the finest short films made in India.
  8. Khamakha: Khamakha is a romantic short film that contains a slice of life. It is one of the extraordinary films in a crowd of ordinaries. Khamakha won the Filmfare award and its events will make you want to experience something similar.
  9. Interior Café Night: Interior Café Night is another excellent short film that earns its laurels because it is extremely relatable to the lives of commoners. The story involves the final meeting between two lovers who are trying to make a long-distance relationship work.
  10. Gutthi The Riddle: The film revolves around a writer who finds unusual inspiration through a garbage collector. The writer notices the latter scrounging around for something elusive in dustbins. As the writer spies on the garbage collector, a friendship between the two develops. You have to see the movie to learn what happens next.
  11. Afterglow: Afterglow is one of the top short films on YouTube and it won the National Award in 2012. You should watch it to get an altered perspective on mourning death.
  12. Unarranged: This short film attempts to break the ensuing fear of an arranged marriage. It shows how two people with dynamically different dispositions can lead a happy life together despite all the apprehensions and inhibitions.
  13. That Day After Everyday: Anurag Kashyap directed this short film that deals with the ever-growing menace of eve-teasing. It is a must-watch for all short film lovers in India. Since Anurag Kashyap directed it, you can expect a couple of action sequences.
  14. Going Dutch: This film incorporates a feminist theme in its core. Going Dutch depicts the starting and steering of an arranged marriage scenario in a highly refreshing manner.
  15. Selfie: This short film is a must-watch even for those who don’t like watching movies. It showcases many events that every common individual faces during their lifetime. This film won awards and can easily oust many short films.
  16. Anukul: Satyajit Ray is undoubtedly one of the greatest storytellers of all time. The story transports viewers to a futuristic world of artificial intelligence where a machine revolts against the ways of the world.
  17. The Guest: Short films don’t necessarily have to be extremely short. The Guest belongs to the category of large short films and the story pulls all the strings of your heart. The story is extremely unsettling and creepy.
  18. Nayantara’s Necklace: When friendship starts taking unhealthy leaps towards obsession, it breeds the story of Nayantara’s Necklace. It is an acclaimed short film that deserves a place in every short film-lovers’ list.
  19. Chutney: This short film takes a dig into the world of the common Indian middle-class families. One middle-class housewife meets another woman. The second lady asks the first to give her cooking lessons. The same second lady also flirts with the husband of the first. You have to unfurl the mysteries by watching this film.
  20. Juice: Juice targets the gender difference that is extremely common in families of middle-class backgrounds. A man and his wife throw a party. As the men enjoy the spoils, the women strive together to keep the gathering ongoing.
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