Review by : WorthITT Team
Date: 06 Dec 19

Here is our next artist rendezvous with yet another talented artist.

A nice and well-presented story is successful in reaching its objective and remembered long after over others. An art only few people possess. They have the charisma to make stage their place of belonging and mesmerize the audience with their action and performance. They possess the skill to keep their audience glued to their act.

WorthITT is immensely proud to introduce you one such amazing person who has made great inroads in the circuit and hugely appreciated for his work all over India.Here’s a sneak peak with a young, dynamic & extremely talented Actor & Storyteller — Swaraj Singh.

His recent work in Aarambh has won him many accolodates.

1. Tell us your beginning of your artistic journey? What triggered you to choose this path?

Swaraj: Right from my childhood, I had the eagerness to learn different arts forms and winning awards and trophies boosted the confidence within me. I used to get fascinated by witnessing the Bollywood movie posters and dreamt of seeing myself there. I had a huge love for stage and slowly I developed the passion for theatre and acting. Audience applause and praises made me fall in love with acting madly and hence I understood that acting is not only my passion but a reason for my survival.

2. Who has been your influencers in your profession?

Swaraj: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Manoj Bajpayee, Shahrukh Khan

3. Who has been egging you in your personal life ?

Swaraj: My parents have always been a source for my inspiration, and they have always bagged me with all the needs until I lost my dad. 

4. How do you hone your skills — what are modes of your practice (Riyaz)?

Swaraj: I practice every day for 3–4hrs. There are different exercises which I practice every day for acting. Actor Prepares has played an important role in shaping me up, as it gave me lot of confidence and made me understand the finer nuances of acting! It helps to take format training to help one’s confidence. It has helped me immensely.

5. What do you imagine your audience gets from your art? Why are they loyal to you?

Swaraj: As an actor and a storyteller, I have the power to create live visuals for my audience while performing or narrating a story. I make them travel in a fictional world which probably they have never seen or experienced and then enjoy the roller coaster ride of emotions.

6. Do tell your audience about your current projects & what’s in store for 2020 ?

Swaraj: I am currently working on multiple projects. It’s too early to comment anything on it.

7. Tell us more about your personal life ? Where did you spend your childhood days? How was it in your initial days?

Swaraj: I come from a small-town Jamshedpur which is in Jharkhand. I was born in an orthodox Rajput family where choosing an offbeat career was never an option, but I’ve been extremely lucky to have parents who always allowed me to chase my dreams.

I always loved getting attention and recognition in my school and colleges for my talents and it made me believe that I can make it big in life. After completing my studies, I shifted to Mumbai to pursue acting but unfortunately, I lost my dad in the start of my career. My life changed completely from the very next day and then a battle started between my survival in Mumbai vs my dreams. But I never gave up. I fought courageously with all the difficulties and finally sailed smoothly. These struggles made me a better person and I always enjoyed my journey. I feel today, I am a better actor because of the hard work which I did during my tough times.

8. What keeps you motivated in your profession?

Swaraj: Self-confidence and my passion and love for acting keeps me motivated. The sacrifices of my parents act as another source of motivation for me

9. How do you go about creating your new work? Do you need to be alone while creating anything new, travel to create something new, sit in a room and work?

Swaraj: I am very impromptu when it comes to creating new things. I don’t need a personal time or need to travel to create something new, it happens just instantly. I believe in the continuous learning process and hence I love to be spontaneous.

10. Who are your favorite artists in your field (influencers/role model)

Swaraj: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Manoj Bajpayee, Shahrukh Khan

11. How do you see the current state of affairs in your profession? How has it evolved? Challenges being faced in your profession. How do you see its future?

Swaraj: My journey as an artist has been very beautiful. I never got things easily. I’ve always worked hard to get it so there is lot of respect and honesty involved. I personally feel that great things take its own sweet time to come so I am nowhere in a rush. I am just enjoying the process of transformation and I am very confident that a better tomorrow is waiting.

12. Any advice to the budding artists?

Swaraj: Listen to your heart and chase your dreams. Be honest, true and loyal with yourself.

13. Importance of mentorship to the budding artists — How they should go about their work? How would you motivate them?

Swaraj: A mentor is like a guide who has seen the ups and down and shares his experience for the betterment of others. Having a mentor is like having a teacher who helps us grow as an artist and as an individual. I run and online-offline school “IS-KOOL” to help the budding actors and storytellers to craft their skill and help them to become a better artist.

14. What do you think, do we need a centralized platform to connect with talent agencies & get more opportunities? And… What do you think about WORTHITT?

Swaraj: Yes, we do need a platform to connect a talent to the agencies. In today’s scenario, there are a lot of frauds sitting with an intention of using and misleading young kids who comes in a city like Mumbai to chase their dreams. Platform such as WorthITT would help the artists and talent agencies to engage with immense opportunities at a single place, thus, eliminating the middlemen — so there are genuine people coming together with a common agenda and clear-cut requirements.

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