Artist Rendezvous - Amit Tiwari

Review by : WorthITT Team
Date: 08 Nov 19

Young,highly talented gem of a director from Delhi Theatre Circuit.

The direction isn’t an easy task. Directors are visionary, artistic, and they always have a different point of view towards any situation or condition. To make a production successful directors play the main role. They have to do individual research, coordinate with creative individuals, stagecraft, costume design, props, lighting design, acting, set design, stage combat, and sound design for the production. Sometimes, they have to sit down with the playwright and work on the script.

To have a better insight into the working approach of the new directors we took an interview with a young, professional, talented Director Amit Tiwari. He is just 24 and one of the most popular directors in the Delhi Theatre Circuit.

Q. How did your artistic journey begin? What triggered you to become the Director?

Amit. I believe theatre resides in us and it is the moment when you start realizing it your journey begins. I realized this in my college days. I am very grateful to my college dramatics society VAYAM, it helped me experiment, evolve and explore.

If you say what triggered me to be a director, I will say I’m not just a director, I write and act as well. I have scripted several theatre productions that have been staged at national and international festivals. I recently wrote a documentary for international filmmaker Sudipto Sen which was produced by Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, Delhi. I prefer calling myself a Theatre Artist.

Q. Is Direction your full time or part-time profession?

Amit. Yes, Theatre is my full-time engagement.

Q. Who is your inspiration?

Amit. My inspirations are Anuradha Kapoor Mam, Ranjit Kapoor Sir, and Anurupa Roy Mam.

Q.Who has been your support system throughout this journey?

Amit. My organization VAYAM PERFORMING ARTS SOCIETY, my father, my mentor Ashtam Bhaiya and my close friends.

Q. How do you feel to be such a great director at this young age?

Amit. I am not aware of this (Shocked). I am still learning and growing. And I will also refrain from calling or even considering me a great director. I love my work and I love what I do that’s it. The basic strategy is whenever I complete a project I start analyzing it and learn from my mistakes and make sure that next time I will not repeat them in my future projects. I am growing happily and very thankful to everyone out there who has been in touch.

Q. What is the biggest difficulty you faced in this profession?

Amit. I consider myself the luckiest (just kidding). Honestly speaking, each and every profession has its own unique difficulties and THEATRE has its own. What I believe is that it is also crucial as it helps you keep going. A smooth ride is preferable but you always don’t get it. So, let’s not talk about the difficulties lets talk about the ocean of opportunities.

Q. How do you go about creating your new productions? Do you need to be alone while creating anything new, travel to create something new, sit in a room and work?

Amit. Yes, I need to be alone when it comes to my new productions. I prefer traveling and believe me I travel a lot. I love visiting mountains, they lend me the time and energy for the coming productions. which I need to work on. This seclusion helps me in focusing solely on the coming production. And if you ask me, how I go about my production. Basically, I conceive an idea, develop it, research on it, script it, direct it and stage it. That’s it.

Q. Tell us about your current projects.

Amit. Presently, I am working on my new musical Dance Drama Production “The Black Saree” based on a community of Rajasthan. I am planning to use folk music, folk dance, and puppets in my production. Along with that, I am on a series of solo plays based on different social issues.

Q.What do you think about today’s talent? What is best and worst about them?

Amit. The best thing about today’s talent is they are well aware of what they want in their lives. They are all full of energy and enthusiasm, all they need is good guidance and they all will create a mark for themselves.

Q. Give some Advice to the budding artists?

Amit. Don’t Stop, Keep chasing your dreams. No one can stop you and if something is stopping you — it’s you! So, if you see there is no door for you, build one.

Q. Importance of mentorship to the budding artists — how they should go about their work?

Amit. Mentors play a key role in shaping the overall personality and the talent of an artist. I am lucky enough to be under the guidance of my mentors. Apart from that, I feel experience guides you in a better way and it also enables you to accomplish better.

Q. How would you motivate them?

Amit. I always try to motivate my actors by giving them totally opposite roles from their personalities and ask them to work hard to make it happen. Believe me, it feels best when you see them growing.

Q. What do you think, do we need a connect with talent agencies? And…What do you think about WORTHITT?

Amit. Yes, I think we need a connect with talent agencies because both the parties are dependent on each other. Possessing Talent is one thing and to be able to showcase it is altogether different things. Talent Agencies act as the bridge. It is better to have a connection with them.

WorthITT is one of such platform. It will help artists get in direct touch with casting directors and Ad agencies… As a result, it will help artists to grab the best opportunities.

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