Fauda — Story of two sides of the same line

Review by : WorthITT Team
Date: 30 Oct 19

The Arabic word for “Chaos”, Fauda is the apt name for this series. Based on the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, the series depicts the two-sided story of the same. Originally an Israeli TV series, the show was purchased by Netflix and has been broadcasted by them, leading to the show getting an audience worldwide.

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On the side of Israel, we have an Israeli soldier called Doron. It has been eighteen months since he and his unit were credited with killing Abu Ahmad/Taufiq Hammed, a terrorist. Following this, he retires from service. As season one starts, Doron is visited by the commander of his old unit, Moreno. Moreno informs him that Hammed, who they thought was dead, was actually alive and plans to attend his brother’s wedding. Hence, the team decides to go undercover and do what they thought had already done: kill Hammed.

The other side of the story is that of Abu Ahmad. He is a high-level Hamas terrorist, who everyone assumes is dead at the start of the show. But it turns out, he is still alive and is still planning and arranging terror attacks. For eighteen months, he has been in hiding and hasn’t even seen his family. It is only when he decides to meet his brother to congratulate him for his wedding, does he meet his family.

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As an outsider, someone who has never been exposed to any crisis like the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, the show changed the way I perceived the conflict. The crisis is not about the big events that make it to the news, it is about what the people there go through on a daily basis. And Fauda portrays that wonderfully.

As it is originally an Israeli show, it would be too much to expect a fair representation of the conflict, without a bias towards Israel. The makers of the show should definitely be commended though, as the narrative is quite balanced and is fast-paced, ensuring that we don’t want to miss even one second of it.

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Though the story is mostly in Arabic and Hebrew but that hasn’t limited the appeal of the show. The show is a global phenomenon, like many other Israeli successes.

Overall, Fauda is a show that you can binge-watch, despite certain glaring plot holes and misrepresentations of Muslims or Palestinians. Watch it to know a bit more about the Israeli-Palestinian crisis and how lucky we are to not experience something like this.

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