How To Promote Yourself As An Artist

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Date: 25 Feb 19

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Let?s face it: it is super-awkward to promote yourself. No matter what your profession is or what your skill-set is, it usually feels too boastful to promote yourself. This can spell trouble for an artist, as for an artist to thrive, he or she needs to promote himself or herself.

Promoting yourself as an artist may seem like a challenge, but in reality, it isn?t that hard once you get over the initial hesitation. Here are a few tricks and tips to promote yourself as an artist.

  1. Have a presence on the internet
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Dread it, run from it; but internet still rules. The 21st century is the age of the World Wide Web and social media. As a personal choice, it is okay to choose to not have an online presence; but if you want to grow as a professional artist, you MUST have an online presence. If you are unwilling to invest in a personalized domain and website, start an account on Instagram or Pinterest. Regularly update or post on your account. Follow people who might be into your art or other artists. Social media is the best place to promote yourself free of cost, so why not utilize it in the best possible manner? Just make sure that you have a separate personal and professional account, especially at the start of your career. People who are interested in your art won?t appreciate photos of you hanging out with your friends.

2) Join artist communities and networks

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Connecting with other like-minded artists is the most important thing you can do to promote yourself. I?ve discussed this in detail, in one of my previous articles. Networking with other artists will give your reach a substantial boost. Doing so will help you personally see how other artists are trying to promote/promoting their art and get tips to do the same yourself. And what is a better way to meet artists other than joining online and offline artist communities and groups? Your first circle of promotion should be artists, as they can help you reach to a wider audience.

3) Collaborate with a talent management company

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?Talent Management Company? is a company which guides the professional career of an artist in the entertainment industry. Whether you are a newbie in the entertainment industry or a fairly established artist, collaborating with the right talent management company can give you unmatched results. If an artist collaborates with a talent management company, he/she can committedly concentrate on his art, while the other ?professional? aspects are been taken care of. The professional aspects include marketing and promotion. So, put your entire focus on your art and let the talent management company handle the rest. When one collaborates with a talent management company, one not only gets an opportunity to collaborate and network with other artists but also gets mentorship from those who know the nitty-gritty of the field.

4) Participate in competitions/contests

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Competitions or contests are the best way to reach to a wide and diverse audience. Keep your eye out for competitions and make it a point to participate in all the competitions, in which you can. Usually, the contest or competition organisers promote their event, which leads to newer people getting interested in the competition. And new people interested in the competition effectively means that you have a chance to grab a few eyeballs. Luckily, if you end up winning the competition or contest, nothing like it. You will not only have an achievement to your credit, but the win will also boost your reach like never before. But irrespective of whether you win or lose, participation in competitions and contests can prove to be an effective way of promoting yourself as an artist.

5) Attend local events

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Online promotion might be the ?in? thing currently, but that doesn?t mean that offline promotion is useless. Surprisingly, you will find that offline promotion can be as effective as online promotion. Attend events or meet-ups happening near you. If you get to interact with the main artist, nothing like it. If not, go there and interact with fellow attendees. Word-of-mouth travels very fast and is also a personalised promotion. Think of it: you will rather buy something that your friend personally recommends you than buying something recommended by a stranger online or buying something that showed up in an online advertisement. Attending local events may not pay immediate results, but you will end up building goodwill and contacts.

As an artist, who wants to establish himself as a professional artist, HAS to promote himself. There is a very thin line between promotion and boasting. As long as you take care of the difference and ?promote? yourself, you will be good. There is no one guru-mantra to promotion. Different things work for different people. The promotion strategy that worked for one artist may not necessarily work wonders for the other. What is essential is that as an artist you leave no stone unturned to promote yourself and your art.

Written By: Mallika Kelkar

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