How to write an interesting blogs ?

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Date: 25 Feb 19
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It wouldn?t be an exaggeration to say that blogging is the trend that has stayed for a long, long time. With about two million blogs posted every day, the competition to stand out becomes tight. Any person with considerable knowledge on something and a decent vocabulary can write a blog post. But if you really want your blog to reach more people and leave an impression, you have to keep it interesting. In this blog, I am going to give you a few tips and tricks to write an interesting blog post.

  1. Keep it simple and clear
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So many bloggers lose a sense of what they were originally writing about, once they start writing. They lose track of their topic. Or some make it too complicated or use irrelevant examples which disturbs the understanding of a reader. Keep your blog simple, to the point and easy to understand. One might think using a rich vocabulary in the blog will spice up the content but it?s of no use if your readers fail to understand you. In addition to simplicity, you should be really, really clear about what you want to say. Use bold fonts to highlight the key sentences, use precise titles. You should be able to summarize your entire blog in a sentence or two sentence maximum.

2. Frame it as a story

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The idea behind any form of content is to tell a story. Blogs that don?t tell a story, or don?t have a flow to them are random and boring. Whatever you?re writing about, may it be a movie review, a food recipe, or a report about something, the blog should have a catchy flow to it. The best way to do this is by framing your blog as if telling a story. It?s a proven fact that reading a story releases Dopamine, ?the happy chemical? in the body, which makes one curious and excited to read/ know further.

3. Build suspense by foreshadowing

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You can grab the attention of your readers and make them read further by foreshadowing. Drop hints on what?s coming ahead. Provide an incomplete piece of information in the initial few lines of the blog to generate interest and excitement about the blog. If you build curiosity in the minds of the readers in the first paragraph, they are more likely to read the entire blog. When I wrote ?In this blog, I am going to give you a few tricks to write an interesting blog post?, I hinted of what is coming up for you. This literary hack works well to make your blog interesting.

4. Keep the blog not too short and not too long.

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Nothing is better than clothes that fit perfectly, right? The very basic element in dressing is to choose the perfect amount of clothing. You can apply the same logic/theory to blogging. If you elaborate too much on a single point, or unnecessarily write in a hundred words for something you can write in ten words, your readers are likely to bounce off in the mid-way. On the other hand, if you write only 3 points, fail to elaborate where it?s necessary, and miss out on giving necessary examples when required, your readers will find the blog incomplete. Finding the right balance is very important. Make sure you consider the length of your blog. Elaborate only when required, summarize when certain example seems too long. Let your blog be long enough to be informative but short enough to not bore the reader.

5. Give your blog the right structure.

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Blueprint the structure of your blog before you start writing. Choose the best suitable template for your blog according to its need. Decide where the images will go and where the text will. Divide your blog into headlines and sub-points to increase simplicity. The Internet is full of content. For your blog post to stand out, it should be understandable even if a reader skims through the entire blog. Use bullet points to list something, underline the headlines, use images and GIFs to create the mood. An appropriately structured blog will surely make your blog helpful and readable.

6. Use popular references.

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?You know what?s more magical than Harry Potter? A neatly written blog that addresses precisely what a reader wants.? Most of the people out there will read this sentence because of the inclusion of ?Harry Potter? in it. And come on, don?t we all like things that are relatable? You can perk up your blogs with popular references to convey what you want to. If people find the references relatable, they?ll be hooked to your blog.

7. Keep your content unique

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The topic you are writing on must be already written on by multiple other bloggers. It?s not the topics that should be unique, but how you present the topic. Work on unique perspectives to convey your message. Try to bring in a new perspective to an old topic. Establish your own unique style, which will distinguish your content.

8. A conclusion is a must

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A conclusion is like the finished product. It?s the distilled result of all the information you provided in the blog. A conclusion must include all the key points discussed in the blog. You can innovate and ask a challenging or a thought-provoking question at the end. Maybe a quote that sums up the message. Let your conclusion leave the reader thinking.

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