Top 10 Cancelled Netflix Shows That Should Come Back

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Date: 25 Feb 19

Unless you?ve been living under a rock, there is no way that you don?t know about the phenomenon that is Netflix. Netflix?s arrival forever changed the way we entertain ourselves. Be it original shows or streaming of films or television series, Netflix is what many people depend on for their dose of entertainment.

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?Netflix Originals? are the shows that are produced or co-produced or distributed by Netflix exclusively for their service. Over the years, these ?originals? have managed to become as famous as television shows. But as Netflix continues to expand and wants to introduce more content, it decided to bring down the axe on several of its shows. Some of the shows cancelled did not deserve to be cancelled and had the potential to enhance their story. Hence, Fans of these shows have been demanding that Netflix brings back these shows. Here?s a list of ten cancelled Netflix shows that should come back.

  1. Everything Sucks
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This American comedy-drama web series is a parody of the teen culture of the mid-1990s. The story focuses on a group of teenagers who are a part of the AV and drama clubs of the fictional Boring High School. The story follows these students as they struggle with issues like sexuality, mental health and growing up.

The show received mixed to positive reviews from critics. It was frequently compared to shows like ?Stranger Things? and ?Freaks and Geeks?. As Season 1 ended with a cliff-hanger, fans of the show were not happy when Netflix cancelled the show after the first season.

2) Luke Cage

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With an aim to expand its cinematic universe, Marvel tied up with Netflix, to bring some more superheroes on the screen. One of the web series was Luke Cage, based on a character from Marvel comics. Luke Cage is a former convict, who now fights crime and corruption. Also, he has superhuman strength and unbreakable skin.

The first season was met with positive reviews which prompted Netflix to renew the show for another season. Even the second season garnered favourable reviews. During the development of a third season, Netflix and the series? writers had some creative differences, leading to the cancellation of the show by Netflix.

3) Sense8

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The story of this science fiction drama explores the lives of eight strangers, who are mentally and emotionally linked. The uniqueness of Sense8 lies in the fact that it managed to apply today?s problems in its science fiction world. It is one of the first science fiction show to deal with the issues of sexuality, politics, identity, gender and religion.

Both the first and the second season of this show were praised, both by critics and fans. The second season ended with a cliff-hanger, as negotiations of a third seasons were ongoing. However, in the next month, Netflix announced that the show has been cancelled, leaving the fans miffed. To make up for the unresolved story, Netflix produced a two-and-a-half-hour series finale.

4) Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

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Kimmy Schmidt was kidnapped by a cult while she was in eighth grade and kept as a hostage for fifteen years. After her release, she is determined to make a new life for herself and does not want to be seen as a victim, and hence, she relocates to New York. The show revolves around her life in New York and her struggles to fit in the new and changed world.

Since its premiere, the show was praised by many critics. It is even called ?the first great sitcom of the streaming era.? The show was cancelled after four seasons, which many feel is too short a length to be able to do full justice to the amazing storyline.

5) Seven Seconds

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Based on American film, ?The Major?, this crime drama web series will surely grow on to you. The story follows the people involved in the investigation of the murder of a black teenager by a white police cop. The show very nicely shows the racial tensions that have been gripping America.

The first season of the show garnered positive reviews from critics. But within two months of the first season being aired, Netflix announced that the show is effectively cancelled as they were not renewing it for season two. This news disappointed quite a few viewers who thought that the show?s narrative about societal and racial division is something that is needed in the current times.

6) Daredevil

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Another Marvel Comics-based web series, Daredevil is about Matt Murdock, a blind man who has heightened senses. Using his powers of heightened senses, he decides to fight against crime at night, by becoming a vigilante. The highlight of the show was that not only was the lead superhero blind, but also the fact that Daredevil isn?t super strong or invulnerable.

After the release of season three, it was widely believed that the show would get renewed, as it was liked by both critics and fans. However, as things turned sour between Netflix and Marvel, Netflix cancelled the show after just three seasons.

7) American Vandal

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The show is a mockumentary web television series. The series is a parody of true crime documentaries such as ?Making a Murderer? and ?Serial?. The first season follows the aftermath of a costly high school prank, vandalization of twenty-seven cars with phallic images. After a senior class student is expelled, two sophomore?s take the matter into their hands and launch an investigation.

The series was met with a fairly positive critical restaurant. The show is often praised for its engrossing plot and realistic representation of high school. In 2018, Netflix announced that they have cancelled the show, which shocked fans and critics alike.

8) Lady Dynamite

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Maria Bamford happens to be one of the unique comedians of the current time. In the show, Maria plays a fictionalised version of herself. The show navigates through various events of her lives including awkward dates and major breakdowns.

The show garnered positive attention because of its depiction of mental illness. The fans were sad to know that the series won?t be renewed by Netflix after two seasons.

9) Gypsy

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In this show, Naomi Watts plays the role of a therapist who gets too involved in the private lives of her patients. She, under an alias, begins to develop relationships with people close with her patients.

Though heavily criticised and slammed by critics, the show found a loyal fan base, due to its portrayal of the LGBTQ+ community. After Netflix cancelled the show after the first season, the show?s fans have been coming up with innovative ways to make Netflix ?un-cancel? the show.

10) The Get Down

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The series was set in 1970s New York and follows the rise of hip-hop and disco through the eyes of a group of teenagers. The teenagers? group together to chase their dreams of transforming music history.

The cinematography and soundtrack of the series were generally praised. Despite favourable critic reviews, the show didn?t get a lot of viewership. Therefore, Netflix took the call of cancelling it after just one season, as it took way too much money to produce it.

Do you think that we missed out on some show? Let us know in the comments below about the show we missed and why it should be brought back.

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