Why should an artist have a good digital marketing team

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Date: 25 Feb 19

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An artist is the one who creates art. And for an artist to become famous, he or she has to promote himself or herself. A few years back, the best way to promote yourself was to perform gigs or through word-of-mouth. But in today?s age of technology and social media, these old methods of promotion are not sufficient. Promoting yourself on the internet is the best and fastest way to increase your fan-base or widen your reach. You need to be stand out amongst all the noise that exists online and leave a mark of your own. This is where a good digital marketing team will be helpful to you. Here are some reasons why an artist should have a good digital marketing team.

  1. Digital Marketing Requires Expertise
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Digital marketers are experts or have a lot of knowledge about digital marketing. There is only one thing constant about digital marketing: it always keeps on changing. Every new day brings in new trends. Every week, the buzz changes. Every month, some new feature is added to social media sites. Every year, many new websites come up, while many close down. In this ever-evolving and constantly changing field, the only way to survive is by taking the help of the experts. A digital marketing team or an agency will help you stay relevant. They know what is going on and can get a strategy in place, for you to benefit the best.

2) You Can Concentrate On Your Passion

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Let?s face the truth???your passion is your art. If you try to manage art and its promotion, side by side, both the aspects are bound to get affected. As an artist, your true calling is your art. You should be able to fully concentrate and pour your heart and soul into it, without being burdened about its reach. A digital marketing team can help you lift this burden off your shoulder. While you concentrate on your art, the digital marketing team will look after its promotion and reach, via the internet. As an artist, you too will feel free about the promotion aspect and can wholeheartedly and single-mindedly concentrate on your art.

3) Maintaining An Image Online

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Internet means that people have access to information 24x7. People can find you, know about you and interact with you from any corner of the world and at any point in time. This may sound awesome, and it actually is, but not without setbacks. If people have access to you and your life, you have a lesser scope of messing up. You have to build an image for yourself in people?s mind. More important, after building that image, you have to maintain that image or make it better. You need to have a unique image, an image that will set you apart from your counterparts. A good digital marketing team will know exactly what to do for the maintenance of your image.

4) Digital Marketing Has Trackable Results

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The best thing about digital marketing is that you can almost always track its results. You can know how much effect your efforts at digital marketing were and measure the outcomes. This is something that traditional methods of marketing cannot provide you with. You may print a thousand brochures and distribute them, but can you track what happened with each and every one of those brochures? It is practically impossible to do that. Same is with word-of-mouth publicity, you cannot have a fixed estimate of how many people have heard about you. But if you work with a digital marketing team, you can measure the outcomes of your digital marketing efforts and determine its success.

5) Digital Marketing Is Not One-Dimensional

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Let?s face the truth. Digital marketing may sound easy, but it isn?t. Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all that one can do to market something via the internet. Thus, digital marketing involves a lot of planning, strategizing and evaluation. One has to plan for content, make/design it, write a caption for it, post it, market it and track its results. And this is an on-going process. One needs to be well-aware of internet trends and new features on the social media sites. Taking care of all this is time-consuming and is a complete job altogether, which is why we have specialised, full-time digital marketers.

There are various artist management and talent management companies that an artist can sign up with. Once you sign up with such a company or work with a digital marketing team or agency, all you need to do is concentrate on your passion and work towards your goals. Digital marketers know the way around the maze of the Internet, and with their help, you can definitely crack the code to a better and popular future.

Written By: Mallika Kelkar

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