Why should you connect with other artists?

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Date: 03 Feb 19
Written by : Mallika Kelkar

One of the distinguishing characteristics of being a human is the ability to be create something new out of something old or small. Being able to imagine and create art is what makes us human. You may be a painter, a sketcher, a photographer, a musician or a story-teller???if you?re an artist, your art has the calibre to bring out change. Artists allow us to see things from different perspectives, help us develop empathy, and sometimes to introspect our own mindsets.

Every person has his/her unique way of expressing themselves, through one art form or the other. Artforms of artists might be different, but what binds them together is their mutual love for art. Therefore, socializing and catching up with other artists is an utter necessity if you?re one yourself. Here are some reasons why meeting other artists is so essential for an artist.

1. Inspiration

Artists are the beings that fuel themselves with inspiration. Inspiration does to artists, what spinach did for Popeye. When you meet someone in person, you will really understand the artist and their art. It?s always easy to derive inspiration from people who are like-minded. A painter, for instance can get inspired by catching up on a writer friend of his/her, reading something they wrote. A photographer can be inspired to shoot a particular picture after socializing with a painter.

Your artist friends will always be curious to know about your latest creation and potentially inspire to help you make your next.

2. Perspective

Artists have a unique knack to constantly see things from a different perspective. This allows them to realize and understand things that none others do. This quality in artists is a singular reason why they are capable of making people think differently. Observation and perspective make them problem-solvers. Interactions with an artist friend, is likely to develop a new perspective. Unique ways in which an artist can see things will help other artists make significant interpretations about something. An actor can better understand his role of a guitarist, by staying around musicians. It will give him better perspective by talking to or befriending someone who is a guitarist.

3. Courage and support

I?ve recently started attending some poetry reading sessions in my town. Budding writers and poets are welcomed and appreciated to read out their work. Many of my poet friends, who used to hesitate reading out their poems, now feel reassured about their work, all thanks to motivation from other poets at the session. As an artist, it is of great importance to be appreciated and reassured of one?s art. And it?s only when you have artist friends who understand you and appreciate your art, will you find the courage to being truly who you are.

4. Empathy

Only an artist can understand an artist. Only a photographer can understand the struggle of a photographer to get all the details right. Only an actor can know the sting of getting rejected at auditions. When you have friends who are going down the same artistic lanes as you are, you can form much deeper connections. To share your daily struggles and triumphs with someone who can relate with them is the best thing ever.

5. Collaborations

Connecting with other artists paves away for having amazing creative collaborations. Collaborating with other artists is the best way to grow creatively and socially too. When you collaborate with an artist, you gain an access to his/her network and thus, you get a chance to grow your reach/audience. Plus, the result of collaboration between two artists is always something magical. Collaboration can happen between two artists with similar art expression, ie, two painters can get together and make a painting or it can be between two or more different artists with different artforms, eg, a painter and a writer.

6. Networking

What can be more useful than knowing a lot of people, with same interests as you? For an artist looking to earn money from his art, it is essential to connect with other artists. Networking with other artists will give your reach a substantial boost. Doing so will help you personally see how other artists are trying to earn/earning money through their art and get tips to do the same yourself. You might end up meeting influential people/artists, which will be extremely beneficial for you, as an artist.

Great things happen when you meet the right people. Making connections with the right people will help you get the right orders and deals. And it?s not just about money. Artists are collectively responsible to shape the thinking, the mindsets of people. A community of artists has the potential to bring about major changes in the society. Collaborations with other artists will not only get you money but will help you build your own community and help you convey your thoughts and art to a larger audience.

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