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Review by : WorthITT Team
Date: 05 Sep 18

Are you that stand-up comedian who has his colleagues in splits whenever someone asks him/her to perform ..?? whose sole purpose is to make others laugh for God damn no reason ? The one who is the centre of attraction in a group .. and is damn serious to set his/her foot in stand-up comedy genre ??

A stand-up comedian who wants to consistently showcase his/her ability in front of a packed audience ? But has no clue whatsoever as how to start and where to start from .. whom to approach ??

It creates a big disappointment in terms of not channelizing one's true potential into something which could really have been quite AMAZING..

Also - many a times , a budding artist may not know the proper channel as how to showcase his / her talent to the world.. They keep pondering about , how do I get into mainstream arena .. when would I get a chance to present my calibre ?

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