WorthITT Recommends - Ankush (1986)

Review by : WorthITT Team
Date: 02 Sep 18

Hola.. its Saturday , and movietime for most everyone of us ... This week we recommend a not so familiar but cult classic Ankush which was a rage then in Mumbai.

WorthITT Recommends - Ankush

Ankush is a 1986 Hindi movie, starring Nana Patekar, written, directed, edited and co-produced by N. Chandra.

The audience were looking for a change and were fed up of rhetoric story line, with actors and actresses dancing around for goddamn no reason, villains getting beaten up black and blue by the "hero". It was time for audience to be receptive to parallel thought of cinema and N Chandra does exactly that by giving his one of the best in this cult classic - The movie whose poster showed angry young lads running around the streets of Mumbai with chains and sticks in their hands. The response was contagious and the movie a super-hit within no time , as the angst which these young actors portrayed resonated with most the people then. It was infectious.

The story revolves around four educated but unemployed lower middle class friends who feel totally isolated with the society and are wasting their life doing frivolous things. They are frustrated individuals, who have an angst about the society which doesn't give them a fair chance to contribute or perform, until they are introduced to a simple middle class family ( comprising of an old lady and her daughter (a teacher)) who help these four friends to look at life from a positive perspective , look at the brighter side of it.

After being with this family for some time the whole outlook and behavior of these four friends totally changes and they try to look at the life from a positive angle. The movie ends on a tragic note when they get dragged in a heinous crime due to certain circumstances and are given capital punishment, although they think it was a correct step especially when the law of land fails to punish the guilty for their wrongdoings

This is set in a Mumbai ?Chawl? and takes a realistic look at how people with minimum means lead their lives in the busy city. This is very relevant movie from the 1980s when unemployment was rampant in urban cities and lacs of youngsters were wasting away their lives. Even today its relevance has not been diminished, although there have been some drastic changes in society.

This movie is winner in all fronts. The ease with which the entire star cast has acted leaves us spellbound in most of the film

"Itni shakti hamein de na daata" is a all time classic prayer. Nana Patekar won the national award for his superlative portrayal of the anguished role in this film.

Imdb Rating - 7.6/10

The film was remade in Tamil as Kavithai Paada Neramillai and in Kannada as Ravana Rajya.

Times of India article - https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/?/articles?/16833019.cms

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