WorthITT’s - Music Festival Guide

Review by : WorthITT Team
Date: 06 Feb 20

Music festivals of various styles and formats have been springing out of India’s ever-transforming cultural landscape in the last decade or so. If you are planning on paying a visit to these musical extravaganzas, then this guide of WorthITT will prove worthwhile. WorthITT is a digital platform where artists can collaborate with talent-hunting agencies, casting directors, event promoters, and event organizers. There are so many festivals occurring in different parts of the subcontinent that it is understandably difficult to navigate through them all. That is why the people of WorthITT compiled a list of the most famous and worth-visiting festivals of music in India.

  1. Bacardi NH7 Weekender: It is one of the biggest Music festivals in India. It will take place in multiple cities with the flagship event in Pune. It is going to bring forth several heavyweights before the audience. The performers include Opeth, Nick Murphy, Koniac Net, Earthgang, Kokoroko, TesseracT, and Karnivool. Apart from these, there will be a bulk of homegrown indie acts as well. Most of the bookings are taking place in Meghalaya and Pune.
  2. BASS CAMP Festival: This is yet another famous music carnival. The event will take place in various cities throughout the subcontinent. The main programs will be in New Delhi and Mumbai. BASS CAMP is India’s very first bass-heavy festival organized by Mumbai-based promoters called KRUNK. You will come across a few international names alongside a few local DJs at different clubs in India. The event previously hosted Jazzsteppa, London Elektricity, Concord Dawn, and Symbiz Sound.
  3. Boxout Weekender: This particular event among all the Music festivals in India will take place in several venues across New Delhi. A New Delhi-based online community called boxout.fm started it in 2017. The group celebrates the anniversary of this festival every year with consecutive days of performances from multiple homegrown artists. You will run into every famous artist of India’s underground electronic scene.
  4. Mahindra Blues: As the name suggests, this festival caters to a particular musical genre. This event draws an impressive crowd every year to its Mumbai-based venue. Some of the world’s best Blues musicians frequent this two-day gala program. Since Mahindra Blues is one of Asia’s largest Blues music gathering it attracts legends like Buddy Guy. You can be a part of this extravaganza every February of every year.
  5. Storm: Another authentic camping music festival that celebrates music genres such as folk, indie, and non-mainstream electronic dance. The organizers of this event generally choose a venue on the outskirts of Bangalore. Yes, this particular program takes place in Bangalore only for three nights at the end of January every year. This festival combines music with the lush lands outside Bangalore.
  6. Sula Fest: This event is a two-day annual program held in the Sula Vineyards of Nasik, Maharashtra. It features a mix of Dubstep, electronic music, reggae, and more. Apart from that, there will be a healthy dose of fashion, wine, leisure, and delight. The fascinating experience of Sula Fest is quite an attraction for people who are crazy about music
  7. BUDx: The renowned beer manufacturing company Budweiser arranges a concert series called BUDx. It aims to push the boundaries of urban culture across art, fashion, music, and lifestyle. It functions as a popup event and brought the Boiler Room parties to India. This event also features discussion panels and performances from famous artists such as DJ Pierre, Madame Gandhi, DIVINE, Foreign Beggars, Sub Focus, Mor Elian, and Detroit In Effect.

Final words

It is the age of exposure and new indigenous music festivals are bringing forth the changes required in India’s culture and traditions. These events draw music lovers like moths towards the flame. There is no better way to explore a tourist destination without being present on one such gathering of like-minded people. After all, the language of music is one that everyone in the world understands and cherishes.

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