It is surprising what the 26 alphabets can do, when arranged in just the right manner! Blogging is an art and we can claim to have some masterpieces. Read blogs on various topics - from tips for artists to movie recommendations, from featured artists to thought-provoking articles - we have it all. Using WorthITT you can write / read the quality blogs/stories from the aspiring as well as well-known writers at India's #1 Talent hunting and hiring marketplace. Join for free!! WorthITT is a “Digital Platform” which gives an opportunity for all the creative heads to upload their content (via YouTube or Vimeo or Dailymotion or any other alternative sources) – It intends to include some high-end algorithms (predictive analytics) in order to develop a networking tree amongst associates, talent hunt, and artists. The aim of this blog is to release the innate creativity within you and to provide actual exercises and examples of creativity in action. We took a look through some of the best articles published by both artists and talent recruiters

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