"Indian music is based on certain sequences called ragas. When I perform live, 95% of the music is improvised: it never sounds the same twice"

Pandit Ravi Shankar

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

Pablo Picasso

“The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery.”

Francis Bacon

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

Edgar Degas

“Art should be something that liberates your soul.”

Keith Haring

The Director is the only person who knows what the film is about !

Satyajit Ray

Whats in for Everyone


  1. A platform for artists belonging to visual as well as performing artists to connect and collaborate with talent agencies.
  2. Create a shareable digital portfolio across all its digital formats – no need to spend money on the individual sites.
  3. Opportunity to be part of in-house content creation team.
  4. Opportunity to participate in online/offline events, shows, workshops to keep oneself focused and all-charged up.
  5. Mentor peer artists by conducting regular Ask Me Anything (AMAs) to mutually grow together.

Talent Scouts

  1. Hassle-free medium to browse through all the artists around the globe to seek appropriate talent for the project.
  2. Cost requirements through a common platform seamlessly and in a systematic manner and select / shortlist based on their profile.
  3. Avail the assistance of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE in order to find right artist for the right job in order to find the best artist for the job
  4. Shortlisted artists would be sent an auto screening/casting call & messages through our internal system.

Sponsors & Advertisers

  1. Targeted product advertisement with the like-minded consumers.
  2. Showcase digital ads across all formats
  3. Featured ads in WorthITT Exclusives of in-house visual content.
  4. Dedicated blog article on the brand and market it organically.

WorthITT Talent Meets Technology

Is a “Digital Platform”for an artist belonging to visual as well as performing arts to engage, connect and collaborate with talent agencies such as casting directors, event organizers and event promoters.

Is an “All in One” GEO-INDEPENDENT & GENRE-INDEPENDENT portal – Platform to digitally create an artist’s profile to showcase it to the talent agencies for more opportunities.

Provides a consolidated platform for scouts to post its requirement & evaluate the right artists for the required assignment.

Opportunity to participate in offline as well as online activities such as contests, workshops, events, on-screen assignments.

Opportunity to be part of our content creation team as a preferred artist.

A good artist is one who knows how to tell a story through his art. And there are various ways to tell a story. Which is your way? Upload your content blog/photograph/video) and show the world that you are WorthItt!

Mehak Mirza Prabhu

A versatile & extremely talented Storyteller WorthITT is doing a brilliant contribution to art by supporting experimental artforms and budding artists.

Swaraj Singh

A dynamic & extremely talented Actor & Storyteller Platform such as WorthITT would help the artists and talent agencies to engage with immense opportunities at a single place, thus, eliminating the middlemen?—?so there are genuine people coming together with a common agenda and clear-cut requirements

Amit Tiwari

Young & Talented Director from Delhi Theatre Circuit I think we need a connect with talent agencies because both the parties are dependent on each other. Possessing Talent is one thing and to be able to showcase it is altogether different things. WorthITT is one of such platform. It will help artists get in direct touch with casting directors and Ad agencies.. As a result, it will help artists to grab the best opportunities.